MAM-001 has a holding force of 150 kg* and can be used for fastening equipment such as Miko Plasters®, diving equipment, guide wires or anchor points for divers to ship sides or other steel structures.

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Case is optional

The magnetic component consists of neodymium which is coated with epoxy to improve its corrosion resistance in sea water. The magnet is equipped with a mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release and safe operation. The bottom is fitted with a rubber filling for increased friction and improved usability.

All Miko magnets are shipped in a double-skin steel box to isolate the magnetic field and to prepare them for air freight.

MAM-001 is also available in a watertight plastic case with in-built magnetic shielding.

Holding Force
150 kg*

155 x 115 mm

Net Weight
3 kg

Gross Weight (Box)
7 kg

Quantity in Box
1 pcs

*Refers to the perpendicular holding force when applied directly onto a clean mild steel plate of minimum thickness 30 mm.


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