Miko Fix

Miko Fix

Miko Fix® is a battery-powered fastening system for underwater drilling and fastening. The compact and versatile system can be used for a large variety of underwater tasks, including operations where hydraulics or pneumatics are normally required.

The underwater drill can be operated at water depths down to 50 m. The drill is equipped with a speed setting, rotational direction switch, LED lights and a torque setting with 16 steps. The drill and drill stand are supplied in a waterproof tool case.

Typical applications:

  • Anode fixing
  • Fastening of FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
  • Fastening anchor points for guiding or lifting wires
  • Fastening brackets or adaptor plates for other tools

The drill is mounted into a jig, and the system is kept in a secure and stable position on a magnetic foot plate. The holding force of the magnet (up to 500 kg) enables the diver to operate the tool efficiently in any orientation, as well as ensuring the necessary counterforce needed to drill and secure the Miko bolt to the hull within a few minutes.

The self tapping Miko bolt can penetrate up to 22 mm of thick steel plates.

The intuitive system is easily positioned and secured to the drilling surface by the magnet. The Miko bolt is secured in the screw holder. The drilling position can be adjusted accurately by rotating the drill around the center rod.

When the drill is positioned as desired, pull the handle to feed and press the On/Off trigger switch to start drilling. Use the magnet lever to release and reposition.

Packed in an IP-67 rated tool case with in-built magnetic shielding, the Miko Anchor Magnet can be shipped by air without restrictions.

Max. Water Depth 50 m
Chuck Size 13 mm
Max. Steel Thickness 22 mm
Max. Torque 39 Nm
Battery 18V 3Ah
Holding Force 500 kg
Footprint (Magnet) 155 x 115 mm
Net Weight Magnet: 3 kg
Drill & jig: 5,5 kg
Submerged Weight (complete) 6,0 kg
Gross Weight Magnet: 10 kg
Drill & jig: 10 kg
Contents 1 pcs Cordless Electric Drill
1 pcs Stainless Steel Drill Stand
1 pcs MAM-003S Miko Anchor Magnet
1 pcs MMC-001/003 Miko Magnet Case with in-built magnetic shielding
2 pcs Screw Holder
40pcs Miko Bolt38mm – 16mm steel
40pcs Miko Bolt50mm – 22,5mm steel
1 pcs Spare Battery
1 pcs Spare Chuck
1 pcs Pump to Pressurize the Drill
1 pcs Battery Charger
1 pcs User Manual
Unrestricted air freight Yes

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