Miko Plaster® Polar Kit

Miko Plaster® Polar Kit

Collisions with ice in the polar regions may lead to hull puncture and water ingress. For this reason Miko Marine AS has developed the Miko Plaster® Polar Kit.

Based on earlier experience, and in compliance with the Polar Code requirements of being more independent of help from outside, Miko Marine with the operational guidance of Capt. Benny Didriksen, has developed a kit to potentially keep your vessel afloat and prevent it from sinking. The kit consists of the well known patented and DNV-GL qualified Magnetic Patches, Miko Plaster® and adequate and flexible handling– and installation tools enabling subsea installation without divers or ROV’s.

Installation Principle

  1. Select the right size patch from the kit.
  2. Position two off the Miko-magnets and with the pre-rigged handling ropes below the damaged area.
  3. Position two Miko magnets and with its pre-rigged handling ropes above the damaged area.
  4. Pull the Miko Plaster downwards until it is well below the damaged area.
  5. Prevent the middle and upper part of the patch from getting in contact with ship hull.
  6. The Miko Plaster can be positioned around and above the damaged area. Magnetic adhesion over the entire area is to be established.
  7. The magnetic patch will now provide a barrier between the ship internals and the sea secured by magnetic holding force and differential pressure.
  8. Further secured by positioning additional magnets on the outside of the patch.

Miko Plaster® in and above the water line

Miko Plaster® below the water line



2 pcs 900 x 1 250 mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
2 pcs 2 250 x 2 500 mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
2 pcs Buoyancy Drums w/lifting lugs prepared for easy installation L 2 300mm
2 pcs Pelicase, each containing:
      • 4 pcs MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnets
      • 10 pcs  MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets w/handling tool
      • 4 pcs MHT-001 20m Handling Ropes w/pelican hook
2 pcs Telescopic handling poles (L 2 300mm – 6 100mm) for installation of magnets and pre-rigged handling ropes
2 pcs Miko Fix w/40 self tapping bolts 16 and 22mm
22 pcs Aluminium profiles 1200mm length each
1 pcs Installation, – user and maintenance manual
1 pcs DNV-GL Technical Report No. 530 10221/98 Qualification of Miko Plaster

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