Miko Magnet Case

Miko Magnet Case

The Miko Magnet Case 001/003 is a robust and watertight container for safe handling of Miko Anchor Magnet models MAM-001 and MAM-003.

The case provides complete protection against dust and can be immersed in water for short periods. The interior is also fitted with several layers of shock absorption material, which makes it suitable for rough handling and the harsh environment where the magnets are often used and stored.

It has in-built insulation of the magnetic field, which means that it can be used for air freight without a dangerous goods declaration. In addition, there are no loose parts inside the case, enabling it to be used repeatedly without any pieces being lost, while saving time for packing and unpacking.

Magnet in case

Ingression Protection Rating
IP 67

Dimensions (L x B x H)
33 x 29 x 22 cm

Weight (Empty)
6 kg

Weight (with Magnet)
10 kg

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