MPHM-002 is a strong and versatile pipe-holding magnet for attaching to pipes of diameter 8” to 42”.

The magnetic component consists of neodymium which is coated with epoxy to improve its corrosion resistance in sea water.

With a holding force of 150 kg*, the magnet can be used for fastening diving equipment, guide wires or anchor points for divers to pipes or other cylindrical steel structures.

The magnet is equipped with a mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release and safe operation.

Holding Force
150 kg*

Footprint (Flat)
188 x 120 mm

Pipe Diameter Capacity
8″ – 42″

Net Weight
5 kg

Gross Weight (Box)
12 kg

Quantity in Box
1 pcs

*Refers to the perpendicular holding force when applied directly onto a clean mild steel pipe of minimum wall thickness 10 mm and diameter 480 mm. 

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