Salvage Kit

Salvage Kit

Used world-wide for marine salvage operations, the Salvage Kit is a proven concept for the temporary, quick and reliable repair of damage from groundings or collisions while the ship is afloat.

The FlexiShape Miko Plaster® which is included in the kit, is designed to overcome uneven steel surfaces, sharp edges and large areas of damage to the hull.

The Kevlar-reinforced patches are stapled to the hull using either the Underwater Fastener or the Miko Fix. The Underwater Fastener uses waterproof barrels to drive nails into the steel. Miko Fix is a battery-powered underwater in a magnetic jig that uses self-tapping screws.

Once the patch is installed the vessel can be towed to safety while retaining oil on the inside and water on the outside.


Contents 1 pcs 500 x 1 000 mm FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
1 pcs 500 x 2 000 mm FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
1 pcs 1 000 x 3 000 mm FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
1 pcs 2 000 x 6 000 mm FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
1 pcs 6 000 x 8 000 mm FlexiShape Miko Plaster®
60 m Aluminium profiles
20 pcs MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnets
50 pcs MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets
2 pcs MHT-002 Handling Tool for MPM-002
10 pcs MHT-001 Handling Ropes
2 pcs Miko Fix
Gross weight 550 kg

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