Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping

With patented technology, Miko Marine offers the tools for quick, simple and safe hot tapping from shipwrecks. The compact and versatile Moskito tool can be operated either by divers or by ROV, and has been developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Coastal Administration and Innovation Norway.

The design allows for a single continuous operation, including fixation and leveling of the tool, drilling, sealing and fixing the ball-valve, all operated and monitored by a laptop from the surface. The process of penetrating the tank and establishing a valve-connection can be done in less than 30 minutes. The full operation is activated and controlled from the surface.

The tool is easily positioned and handled by a single diver or ROV due to the small size, neutral buoyancy and flexible electric cable. Three strong magnetic feet fix the tool to the surface, and a powerful electric drill penetrates the hull with a surgeon’s precision.

MoskitoThe tool footprint is the smallest available, and the height measures less then half a meter. The tool overall size is ideal for hot tapping in less accessible areas, as well as curved surfaces or on old wrecks that require gentle handling of the hull side. The tool is neutrally buoyant, with a mass of only 80 kg.

The tool itself is fully electric to comply with the market’s growing demand for environmental friendly solutions, but also to make it lighter, more precise and remove handling limitations caused by the stiffness of hydraulic hoses. The advanced, yet user friendly control system, gives the operator full control of the operation, via power consumption graphs and live video.

The V-shape of the tool allows the diver to disconnect the tool while pumping. It can then be re-positioned and the next hot tap operation can be initiated immediately, without recovering the tool to the surface.

The depth rating for the standard tool is 300 meters, but it can be modified to work down to 1000 meters.




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