Oil Spill Prevention

Oil Spill Prevention

Miko Marine was established in 1996 based on the idea of using a magnetic patch for oil spill prevention or stopping a leak of seawater into a floating vessel.

The magnetic patch, called Miko Plaster, has since then been delivered to several hundreds of clients world-wide; both in emergency situations, as preventive measures to increase preparedness and for planned underwater operations such as in-water survey.

While the Magnetic Miko Plaster is primarily intended for repairing smaller damages and cracks, the FlexiShape Miko Plaster can be used for oil spill prevention after groundings or collisions where the hull damage is larger. The patches are protected from sharp edges through several layers of aramid fibers and the material is flexible to follow the hull curvatures. The rubber stripes along the edges help improve the seal when pressed against the hull surface using the Underwater Fastener.


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