Pipe Sealer Kit

Pipe Sealer Kit is a light and rapid tool for stopping high-pressure leakages in pipes. It is quick and easy to operate:

1. Fit the strap loosely around the pipe next to the leak
2. Pull it sideways so that the rubber patch covers the leak
3. Tighten the ratchet until the leak stops

The kit contains different sizes of straps and rubber patches intended for most common pipe dimensions. Pipe Sealer Kit combined with the Tank Sealer Kit serves as a comprehensive preparedness tool for oil spill prevention at any tank farm or processing plant.

Kit Contents

ComponentSpecification/ Size*Quantity
Pipe sealing kit50x8mm, 2.0m1
Pipe sealing kit50x3mm, 2.0m1
Pipe sealing kit35x3mm, 1.5m1
Pipe sealing kit25x3mm, 1.0m1

*Specification is provided as follows, Rubber strap size x Rubber thickness, Strap length.

Mechanical Properties

Pipe Diameter range2" - 20"
Gross weight5.5 kg



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