250 French Navy vessels equipped with Miko Plaster kits

250 French Navy vessels equipped with Miko Plaster kits

The French Navy has declared to furnish more than 250 vessels with Emergency Repair Bags and Tanker Kits containing magnetic patches to close openings on punctured vessels.

The patented magnetic patches – Miko Plaster – are used as emergency repair equipment and will significantly increase the chances of preventing a total loss or a large oil-spill. The declaration of the final option of the contract will furnish more than 250 French Navy vessels with a unique emergency response capability. Thorough tests and demonstrations were required in addition to the standard qualification program approved by Classification Societies such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and and Germanischer Loyd (GL).

The Kits are based on Miko’s Emergency Response Bags and Tanker Kits. The French Navy’s comments and strict operational requirements has resulted in significant operational improvements. As an example, a 2.50 x 2.25m magnetic patch can easily be installed by one diver. The operational characteristics are improved further by temporarily attaching buoyancy elements to the patches. The slightly positive buoyant patch is easier and safer to install.

Miko Marine AS is an innovative Norwegian company developing a variety of equipment for the marine salvage and preparedness industry – as well as for the underwater industry. Miko Marine supplies solutions and products to clients world wide for in-water repair, marine salvage, wreck removal and oil spill prevention.