IRCS – Integrated Remote Closure of Sea chest

IRCS – Integrated Remote Closure of Sea chest

Miko Marine has designed, patented and offers a unique solution to the problem of sealing off sea chests. The challenge of installing blinds from the outside is significant when the authorities often claim that planned UW operations shall be performed remotely, i.e without the use of divers.

In addition to saving time and costs, the owner of the vessel will improve safety when for emergencies or for routine inspections one or more sea chests are required to be blanked off and he is able to replace an UW (or diving operation) by simply covering the sea-chest remotely.

Problem: Traditional blanking system
• Requires installation of “blind” on the outside of the sea chest grid.
• In-Water operation using divers or ROV’s.
• Requires planning.
• Involves risk and high cost.
• Time-consuming and often leads to downtime of vessel.
• Damage to equipment (ROV & vessel).

Solution: Integrated Remote Closure of Sea chest
• No In-Water operation but hydraulically and manually operated from on board.
• Rough and simple construction.
• Low price.
• Pre-manufactured “box unit”.
• Easy installation.
• For new buildings or modification of existing vessels.
• Will be type approved by class.
• 4 standard sizes or custom design.
• Efficient cleaning of grid and inlet.