Underwater Blanking Tools

Keeping water on the outside and oil on the inside.
Magnetic Miko Plaster

The patented Magnetic Miko Plaster®is qualified by DNV GL for sealing off sea chests, water inlets and outlets directly in the water. The seal is achieved by the force exerted by the water head and the magnetic force between the patch and the steel surface. The magnetic patches are designed for long term storage and are not demagnetized after use.

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Emergency Response Bag

The ERB enables quick repairs to leaks caused by cracks or for blinding small openings directly in the water. Because of the compact size and minimal weight, the kit can be hand-carried and the patches quickly applied by a single diver.

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Tanker Kit

The Tanker Kit is well proven as a cost-saving alternative to dry-docking. It is used world-wide for in-water repair or survey of floating structures.

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Sea Chest Cofferdams

Custom-made Cofferdams for blanking off sea chests, pipe inlets and outlets and all kinds of hull apertures below the waterline.

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Sea Chest Covers

Miko delivers Sea Chest Covers for any vessel, in any size and at any depth. Hull curvature, sea chest grid arrangement and other data are taken into account for the design. The threaded rods are equipped with hooks at the bottom end that lock onto the sea chest grid and keep the cover firmly in place. By tightening the wing nuts, the rubber gasket is compressed slightly and an initial watertight seal against the hull is created.

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WRV-8000 Pipe Plugs

The WRV-8000 is an expansion plug intended for sealing pipe openings below the water surface. It is used for planned operations during maintenance, in-water survey or repair, as well as for emergencies and salvage operations.

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