In-Water Survey

In-Water Survey

Miko Marine offers class-qualified tools for the temporary sealing of openings below the waterline, as required for in-water survey of sea chests and sea-water inlets and outlets. In-water survey is a cost-saving alternative to dry-docking and enables shipowners to extend the dry-docking interval of the ship.

The Magnetic Miko Plaster® has been delivered to satisfied customers world-wide for in-water survey since 1997. Qualified by DNV GL, it enables a temporary, but reliable, seal below the waterline without the need for hot work or hydraulic tools. Miko Plaster® is the main component of the Tanker Kit, which is most often used for in-water survey. WRV-8000 expansion plugs are also useful for sealing circular openings.

If needed, we can offer engineering services and custom-made solutions for specific projects. Supervision and on-site support is available as needed.



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