Miko Polar Kit

Collisions with ice in the polar regions may lead to hull puncture and water ingress. For this reason Miko Marine AS has developed the Miko Plaster® Polar Kit.

Based on earlier experience, and in compliance with the Polar Code requirements of being more independent of help from outside, Miko Marine with the operational guidance of Capt. Benny Didriksen, has developed a kit to potentially keep your vessel afloat and prevent it from sinking. The kit consists of the well known patented and DNV qualified Magnetic Patches, Miko Plaster® and adequate flexible handling– and installation tools enabling subsea installation without divers or ROV’s.

Kit Contents

ComponentSpecification / SizeQuantity
Miko Magnetic Plaster0.90 x 1.25 m1
Miko Magnetic Plaster1.50 x 3.00 m1
Miko Anchor MagnetsMAM-00320
Miko Permanent MagnetsMPM-001 CS20
Telescopic Handling Poles1.75 - 5.00 m2
Guide Rail (Horizontal installation)1.80 & 1.60 m1
Carrying Handle with Pelican Hook-2
Mooring Ropes for MOB Boat6 m2
Magnet release tool-2
Subsea camera-1
Video monitor in Peli Case-1
Plastic T tool-2
Tool box-1
Block and Tackle-2
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual-1
Installation / Storage Drum & Extension Rods-1

Mechanical properties

Gross weight (incl. Fiber glass storage boxes)380 kg
Box dimension (LxBxH)1.92 x 0.70 x 0.70 m

The Miko Polar Kit is a versatile tool which can be used for many different applications. The operating instructions in this chapter provide a typical step-by-step installation guide. Additions and/or deviations may be required for individual cases.

Based on the curvature of the hull at point of damage, decide if the plaster should be installed vertically, horizontally (short drum) or if the small Miko Plaster is sufficient.

Work Sequence

  1. Mount the rail onto the hull of vessel with magnets, adjust height with a rubber hammer.
  2. Connect lifting tackle with ropes to the rail.
  3. Connect drum with plaster to lifting tackle, make sure that the row of MPM magnets are facing away from hull.
  4. Hoist drum to max height against rail, fasten pullout rope to bottom attachment point on drum, lower the drum vertically to suited height for plaster to cover the damage.
  5. Turn the drum until the vertical row of MPMs click onto the hull, and the plaster is secured.
  6. Start the application of the plaster by turning the drum and pulling the pullout rope, adjust height of the drum if necessary.
  7. Inspect underwater during the horizontal application of the plaster, use the T-tool on the telescopic pole smoothening the plaster onto the hull as required.
  8. Roll the plaster drum until the plaster is rolled out in full length and fastened to the hull.
  9. Inspect the plaster, use the T-tool to smoothen out any pockets of air or water between plaster and hull.
  10. Secure the plaster using extra MAM-003 magnets.