New carrying case from Miko to protect its high power magnets

New carrying case from Miko to protect its high power magnets


Miko Marine has developed a new carrying case for the convenient transport and storage of its high power anchor magnets. Manufactured from special high density polypropylene the new case is water and dust proof and contains an inner storage compartment that shields and isolates the magnet from its surroundings. The case has been designed to accommodate the powerful Miko MAM-001 and MAM-003 magnets which are used extensively offshore for a wide variety of applications above and below the water line.

The new Magnet Case now provides users with a greater degree of convenience when they are using a Miko magnet. A sturdy handle makes it easy to carry and layers of shock absorbent lining protect the valuable magnets against the rough handling and inhospitable storage conditions that they can encounter offshore. The effectiveness of the magnetic isolation provided by the case now enables a Miko magnet to be carried by air freight without a dangerous goods declaration.

Miko has supplied nearly 17,000 of its magnets for use around the world where they have been used for a wide variety of applications. The MAM-001 has a holding force of 150 kg and is extensively used for fastening items such as diving equipment, anchor points and guide wires for divers to ship sides or other steel structures. It can also be used as a convenient and reliable method for securing instrumentation such as acoustic transponders to subsea structures. The MAM-003 has a holding force of 450 kg and can be used for fastening large objects such as oil booms or any type of heavy diving equipment. The neodymium magnetic component of both magnets is coated with epoxy to improve their corrosion resistance in sea water. They are also equipped with a mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release and safe operation. The bottom of each magnet also contains a rubber filling which creates increased friction and improved usability.

Miko Marine is a specialist in the use of magnets for marine and offshore applications and has unrivalled experience in their use. The company also manufactures a range of magnetic patches that may be used to provide an instant water-tight seal for damaged ships or storage tanks. These have been responsible for preventing the sinking of ships on numerous occasions or for preventing the escape of marine pollutants.

Miko Marine AS is based in Oslo, Norway, from where it also provides a range of salvage and support innovations for the marine industry. It recently supplied the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) with 15 of its unique emergency marine repair patch kits. Each kit contains a variety of magnetic and flexible Kevlar-reinforced fabric patches that can be quickly applied to seal hull damage in an emergency. They are routinely carried aboard all NCA patrol boats so they can provide practical assistance for any vessel at risk of sinking.