New emergency tank repair kits bought by Statoil

New emergency tank repair kits bought by Statoil

Statoil has made a significant investment with Miko Marine AS for the supply of 17 storage tank emergency repair kits which it is distributing around its tank farms and refineries. The kits are seen as a valuable form of insurance against environmental damage and the loss of expensive product that would result from a leak opening in a storage tank.

By equipping its facilities with Tank Sealer Kits from Miko, Statoil now has a first line of defence against the sudden leaks that are a constant threat to tank farms and storage facilities, whether on land or afloat. Unskilled personnel equipped with Tank Sealer Kits can now quickly close-off a leak and prevent any of the valuable contents escaping.

Each Miko kit contains two powerful magnetic patches of different sizes. The most suitable one can be chosen and applied to the steel tank to cover a leak whether it is above or below water. Known as a Plaster, it works like a sticking plaster on a wound and can be further secured with powerful permanent magnets that are included in the kit. This enables the patch to easily resist the pressure of the escaping liquid while a layer of soft neoprene at the centre of the newly designed Plaster enables it to fit the shape of the hole and create a leak-proof seal. This prevents the escape of any more liquid until the tank can be emptied and a permanent repair made.

Introducing his company’s latest product Nicolai Michelsen, managing director of Miko said; “Our products have something in common with the medical industry where patches and plasters are a recognised solution for many ailments. Our Tank Sealer patches work to compress and staunch a leak in a way that would be familiar to any doctor. For someone whose valuable liquids are escaping from their leaking tank and threatening the environment they can also be something of a life saver.”

Each Miko Tank Sealer Kit is supplied in a heavy duty IP54 rated case that enables it to be stored in the most practical location for rapid emergency use. In addition to the choice of two neoprene surfaced Plasters, the kit contains two Miko anchor magnets each with a holding force of 450 kg and four smaller magnets capable of holding 90 kg each. Despite being exceptionally strong permanent magnets, they are all equipped with a release lever that enables them to be detached and repositioned with ease. When used in conjunction with the magnetic layer of the Plaster they provide extremely powerful adhesion that is capable of retaining any volume of hydrocarbons until the tank is emptied for repair.

The Tank Sealer Kit is manufactured in Norway by Miko which is the world’s leading specialist in magnetic patch technology. The company has gained many years of experience with its unique products which have been used on numerous occasions to prevent ships sinking or to seal leaks and apertures on offshore structures.