Salvage Kit

Used world-wide for marine salvage operations, the Salvage Kit is a proven concept for the temporary, quick and reliable repair of damage from groundings or collisions while the ship is afloat.

The FlexiShape Miko Plaster® which is included in the kit, is designed to overcome uneven steel surfaces, sharp edges and large areas of damage to the hull.

Fastener or the Miko Fix. The Underwater Fastener uses waterproof barrels to drive nails into the steel. Miko Fix is a battery-powered underwater in a magnetic jig that uses self-tapping screws.

Once the patch is installed the vessel can be towed to safety while retaining oil on the inside and water on the outside. Send enquiry for more information.

Kit Contents

ComponentSpecification / SizeQuantity
Flexishape Miko Plaster0.50 x 1.00 m1
Flexishape Miko Plaster0.50 x 2.00 m1
Flexishape Miko Plaster1.00 x 3.00 m1
Flexishape Miko Plaster2.00 x 6.00 m1
Flexishape Miko Plaster6.00 x 8.00 m1
Miko fix-2
Aluminum profiles1150 x 50 x 6 mm60 m
Miko Anchor MagnetMAM-00120
Miko Permanent MagnetMPM-00250
Handling tool (MPM-002)MHT-0022
Handling ropesMHT-00110

Mechanical properties

Gross weight550 kg
Box 1 dimension (LxBxH)1.95 x 0.95 x 0.89 m
Box 2 dimension (LxBxH)1.30 x 0.90 x 0.69 m

The FlexiShape Miko Plaster is lowered into the water and positioned over the damaged area by divers. The MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets are used to hold it in position.

The MikoFix Underwater Drill System is used to screw the selftapping bolts through the Aluminium Bars to secure the patch in place.

Once the patch is secure and covers all of the damaged area, the water or oil can be pumped out from the inside. The FlexiShape Miko Plaster® is reinforced with several layers of Kevlar  similar to bullet proof vests to protect it from puncturing. If used correctly it will follow the curvature of the hull without being damaged and will enable the vessel to be re-floated and towed to safety.